Update: This is an interesting story, so we followed up with developer Iris to try to understand what it's doing here. Will Low-Fi support the existing PlayStation VR headset? Is it aware of super-secret Sony plans for a new virtual reality device? Will the game come to the PlayStation 4?

Here's what a spokesperson told us: "I can't really comment other than saying, yes we will be on PS5, and no we don't intend to release on PS4."

So, the game is a VR release launching on PS5 but not PS4. We first assumed it'll use Sony's existing headset on the PS5, but the title's Kickstarter page references "next-gen PSVR", so make of that what you will.

Update: Sony’s already confirmed that PlayStation VR will work with the PlayStation 5, but we’d expected backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 titles only. However, if Low-Fi is anything to go by, there’s a chance we may yet get next-gen titles that are playable with the Japanese giant’s current-gen headset – unless developer IRIS knows something we don’t.

The latest trailer for the studio’s cyberpunk release claims that it’s in development for PS5, and there’s no mention of the PS4 at all. We’ll attempt to contact the studio in order to find out more, but this does appear to be the first virtual reality title confirmed for PS5, which is wild. Hopefully the company can clarify exactly how this is going to work.

Thanks to SilenceCZ for sending this in.

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