Many scoffed when Tetris Effect was announced, but it turned out to be an incredible iteration of the classic falling-block puzzler. It's a brilliant audiovisual experience whether you're playing on PlayStation VR or your TV, and that's in no small part thanks to the wonderful music. Each of the dreamy stages in the game is accompanied by a matching tune, and while some tracks are obviously better than others, the soundtrack overall is a real winner.

A while back, developer Enhance Games announced a special vinyl release of the music, with a digital version to become available later. That time has arrived -- you can buy or stream the OST digitally from today.

It's available to listen to on YouTube and Spotify. If you want to throw some money at Enhance, you can buy the soundtrack from its Bandcamp page for $10. You can listen to one of the most popular tracks in the video above.

Will you be tuning into some Tetris Effect music? Have you been waiting for the digital release of the OST? Pop on some headphones in the comments section below.