In case you missed the memo, Mortal Kombat 11 is getting a substantial expansion later this month named Aftermath. In addition to delving deeper into the storyline with this DLC, it's bringing three new playable characters to the fore. Sheeva and Fujin are returning fighters from previous entries, while guest character RoboCop is a first.

In this new gameplay trailer, you see each of the new trio going toe to toe with other opponents. The gameplay is gory as ever; Sheeva's four-armed brute strength, Fujin's wind-based powers, and RoboCop's gadgets and guns make for entertaining viewing. We even get to see the latter doing battle with the Terminator, which will make action movie fans very happy indeed.

Aftermath launches on 26th May. What do you make of this gameplay trailer? Which new character is your favourite? Perfect those fatalities in the comments section below.