Entertaining cel-shaded racer Inertial Drift with drive on its side to the PlayStation 4 from 7th August, publisher PQube has announced. The arcade racer – which will be available both physically and digitally – sees you using the DualShock 4’s analogue sticks to steer your vehicle around perilous bends, and having gone hands-on with it last year, we’re big fans of the handling.

“While the core premise of twin-stick control remains consistent, one checkpoint-based arcade objective sees us commandeering one of the release’s harder to handle cars; this requires us to brake often and almost feather the drift. After a few attempts, we’re able to almost glide around the circuit entirely on our side,” we explained in our preview.

Fans of legendary PlayStation 2 title Auto Modellista will love this one, but you can get a better look at what to expect courtesy of the trailer embedded above.

[source youtube.com]