The day has finally arrived: Resident Evil 3 is out right now on PlayStation 4. Capcom's follow up to Resident Evil 2 has completely remade the Raccoon City-focused experience with stunning new visuals and a new perspective, as well as the chance to play as Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira. To fuel that excitement further, you can check out the game's launch trailer above.

We awarded Resident Evil 3 a 7/10 in the Push Square review, signing off by saying: "It's still an experience very much worth revisiting, with Raccoon City and the hospital receiving a lot of love and attention, however, it only makes us question what could have been that little bit more." The launch trailer also serves as a reminder that Resident Evil Resistance is included in the package for free.

If you've already bought the remake, you might be interested in the plethora of guides we've put together for the release. We've got a Resident Evil 3 remake walkthrough, guides to all Hip Pouch locations, all Gun Upgrade locations, and how to track down all Charlie Doll locations. Don't worry about searching for all safe codes and locker combinations either -- we've got that covered too. If you want to check out every single Resident Evil 3 Remake guide we have to offer, head on through the link.

Are you planning on purchasing Resident Evil 3 if you haven't already? Survive the zombie horde in the comments below.