Sony PS5 DualSense PlayStation 5 Controller 1

Update: So, 24 hours after Sony's surprise DualSense reveal, the statistics are in: 4.3 million likes on Instagram. That's less than the 5 million likes the PS5's logo attracted, although it did set a new record on Twitter with over 300k likes.

Original Story: You can’t really argue with Sony’s PlayStation 5 marketing strategy when you see results like this. The Japanese giant shocked us all by revealing the DualSense controller on the PlayStation Blog today, and an hour since the first images were released it’s already attracted over 1.5 million likes on Instagram. That number, in case you had any doubt, is only going to keep rising.

Why is this relevant? Well, it’s worth keeping in mind that the PS5’s logo became the most liked gaming-related Instagram post ever by attracting five million likes in 24 hours. This looks set to surpass that by some margin. What will happen when the console’s fully revealed? New records will be set, we suspect.