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Fans may be bickering about teraflops as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X comparisons continue to dominate social media, but developers are clear: Sony’s next-gen system will fundamentally change the future of game design. Writing on ResetEra, Breakfall Games developer JasoNsider has echoed the sentiment of others in the industry, explaining that he’d “give up GPU power for a faster drive any day”.

“The PS5 drive and framework/infrastructure around it sound so fast that I just start dreaming of design with zero drive bottlenecks,” he wrote. “Personally, I love it when new hardware can make me dream big and think of new frontiers. I'm personally not as enthused by crazy high resolutions and 15 per cent more powerful GPUs at the moment. I like when hardware and software allows new ways of thinking.”

Asked whether RAM management would be easier on PS5, he continued: “When [system architect Mark Cerny] was talking about having a drive so fast that you could just clear your RAM and in a blink of an eye load a whole 10+ GB of assets in there my mind was racing. His example of ‘no need for a giant canyon corridor to load the next vista’ is entirely appropriate. World and game design will just change in a qualitative way that is not easily measurable.”

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