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Image: FalconDesign3D

The difference between the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X’s tech specs has been discussed in detail all over the web since last week’s big reveal. We now know that Sony’s system is marginally less powerful in terms of teraflops, but developers have been quick to point out that the next-gen console’s vastly more efficient SSD could fundamentally change game design forever.

Another indie developer, writing on the popular ResetEra forum, has echoed this sentiment. “Personally, I am more excited for PS5 because of the SSD speeds and VR opportunities,” wrote Koralsky, who’s one half of Bulgarian indie outfit Kyodai. “From my point of view, the capable developers this gen are making very special magic with the 5400rpm restriction of today. I can go into technical details, but it will be a long and boring wall of text.”

The developer, who worked on last year’s PS4 sci-fi title Elea, added that Microsoft is being a little more forthcoming with regards to details on its box than Sony. “This doesn't mean that Sony are behind the schedule – maybe they just have a different approach,” he explained. “Maybe they have more surprises that they want to keep a secret. If you give detailed information to a vast amount of (small) developers there is a better chance for leaks.”

Koralsky concluded that both upcoming consoles are beasts: “I am expecting a new golden era from a game design perspective – even in AAA form.” Exciting times, folks.