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The ultra-rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype which went to auction several weeks back has sold for $300,000, making it the most expensive piece of gaming memorabilia ever sold. Despite the record, the figure seems low for what is effectively a one-of-a-kind console, which up until recently many assumed didn’t exist in physical form. The buyer will pay around $360,000 when all’s said and done, once the “buyer’s premium” has been factored in.

It’s unclear who the lucky owner of the unit is right now, but Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey did participate in the auction at one point. For those who haven’t followed this story from the start, the prototype was originally owned by former Sony Computer Entertainment America president Olaf Olafsson and was purchased by a man named Terry Diebold at a bankruptcy auction. It cost just $75 at the time. Incredibly it’s still in full working order, although we wouldn’t recommend using such an expensive appliance for a round of Super Mario World.

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