The Prince of Persia has finally made his grand return to video For Honor. Yes, despite the constant cries for a new entry in the franchise, Ubisoft has decided to let us down one more time by adding the protagonist to a new time-limited event inside the publisher's overlooked live-service title.

Available from today through until 2nd April, you'll be able to play as the Prince of Persia and get to "team up with fellow warriors to defend the throne." The free Event Track, which we assume is some sort of Battle Pass, will reward items throughout the event.

It's definitely a bit of a disappointment that the IP is simply being used for a limited-time event in another video game, but at least Ubisoft is still aware of the franchise, right? The French company is also resurrecting the name with a VR escape room experience named The Dagger of Time, which will be playable at 300 locations around the world. Prince of Persia doesn't have a video game to call its own yet, but at least it's getting there quicker than Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher is. Come on Ubisoft, you know what to do. Bring them both back.