Will PS Plus Be Required on PS5? PlayStation 5 1

Will PS Plus be required on PS5? Will you need PlayStation Plus to play online multiplayer on PlayStation 5? PlayStation Plus is one of Sony's best services, and it'll of course carry over into the next generation. However, will it remain a requirement for online play on PS5? In this article, we're going to look at the features and services that will require an active PS Plus membership on the next-gen system. You can find out if you'll get free PS5 games as part of PS Plus through the link.

Will You Need PS Plus for PS5 Multiplayer?

We don't expect PS Plus to change too much on the PS5, and because of that, PS Plus will most likely continue to be a requirement for certain features on PlayStation 5. The following will probably continue to require an active PlayStation Plus subscription:

  • Online multiplayer
  • Free PS Plus games
  • PS Plus discounts
  • Cloud saves
  • Share Play (If the feature carries over to the PS5)