Below PS4

Following the recent reveal of a PlayStation 4 port, Below now has a confirmed release date for Sony's current-gen console. You'll be able to play this former Xbox One and PC exclusive from Tuesday 7th April 2020 alongside a new Explore mode which is said to make the experience much fairer and entertaining.

Kris Piotrowski, creative director at Capy Games, explains the decision behind adding the more forgiving mode over on the PlayStation Blog. "So while some fans loved the punishing challenge, others desperately wanted to be able to spend more time simply bathing in the dripping darkness of Below’s environments, without having to surmount the sheer cliff of the game’s difficulty. The Explore Update was created exactly for these players, designed for everyone to enjoy."

In the Explore mode, your hunger and thirst meters never drain, insta-kills are no longer a thing, and campfires now act as permanent checkpoints. That original, tough experience still ships with Below on PS4, but it sounds like the Explore mode is what most players will want to opt for when it comes to an initial playthrough. Have you been interested in playing Below? Plan your trip to the mountain in the comments below.