Some people on the internet will try and tell you that Sony is sending out Media Molecule's Dreams to die without even a hint of marketing. That's not entirely the case, however, as the hardware manufacturer has released yet another trailer which highlights the sort of incredible creations users have been able to come up with during its early access phase.

The 30-second clip focuses on Dreams sculptor ManChickenTurtle, who has put together a series of seven cutesy levels which makes up an entire campaign. The trailer even invites future users to create remixes of its stages -- promoting the collaborative aspect of the title.

It is incredibly cool to see Sony making official trailers out of the creations users have made in Dreams. It is, after all, the experiences biggest selling point. Don't forget that if you own the early access version of the game, you'll be able to play the full version early from 11th February.

What will you create in Dreams? Scult in the comments below.