The app itself might have been around for a while, but TikTok is all the rage nowadays. Children, teenagers, and even adults alike are now creating short, edited attempts at comedy and posting them across the internet to the point where even PlayStation itself feels like it needs to get in on the act. The brand actually set up a profile two months ago and began posting videos then, but word of its presence only seems to have gotten out now.

And, to be fair to the company, Sony is completely understanding of how old it must look on the app with its first video being a reference to the classic "How do you do, fellow kids?" 30 Rock meme. It has then followed that up with another reference to Death Stranding as a certain employee looks after their Bridge Baby after work.

If you're already down with the teens and looking to add to PlayStation's 225,000 followers, you can do so via this link. Do you understand all this TikTok hullabaloo? Share your own comedic videos in the comments below.