Dreams is out on PlayStation 4 in just a couple of days (or now for early access players), and so it's time to see what Sony's cooked up for its launch trailer. As expected, the latest promo for Media Molecule's make-anything title is filled with user-made creations, and the variety of what's on show is as impressive as ever.

This is a different style of trailer, though; everything is cut together with flashes of live action sequences and other unrelated footage. It's quick and energetic, to the point you could easily miss some of the dreams shown off. We like its style, but this feels more like a TV spot than a typical trailer. That said, this is one of those games that will largely market itself. Perhaps the point of this whirlwind trailer is to make people Google what on earth Dreams is -- they'll be faced with many answers.

What do you think of this new trailer for Dreams? Are you excited to get stuck in on Valentine's Day? Share the love in the comments below.

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