Apex Legends Season Four has arrived on PlayStation 4, bringing with it a number of game-changing additions and features which are sure to mix up the Battle Royale shooter in various meaningful ways. The update, which went live last night, is one of the game's biggest yet and has had a rather dramatic effect on the current World's Edge map.

As you can see from the gameplay trailer above, Hammond Robotics has slapped a gigantic Planet Harvester in the middle of the battlefield -- leaving destruction in its wake. The surrounding area has turned to rubble with lava pits all around that you'll have to strategically navigate, or make sure Pathfinder is on your team. Meanwhile, Revenant is indeed the latest character to be added to the game, a Legend who deals in the supernatural and uses Death Totems to teleport teammates who are about to be downed to a safe location.

As is customary, a new Battle Pass accompanies all of this new content with more skins to unlock and Apex Coins to make back and turn into a profit. Do you plan on hopping back into Apex Legends? Survive death in the comments below.

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