Batman Arkham Knight PS4

This upcoming Batman game has to be the worst kept secret in the video game industry following months of teasing from publisher WB Games Montreal. It still hasn't been officially announced as The Game Awards 2019 came and went, but a reveal must surely be closer than ever now that two more hints have just cropped up on social media.

The Facebook and Instagram accounts for WB Games Montreal have both posted differing teases which resemble symbols. We're not the biggest Batman fans here at Push Square so we're unsure whether they relate to something or someone in the super hero's universe, but it is obvious that the announcement is surely on its way.

Supposedly named Batman: Arkham Legacy, fans have speculated that this could be an announcement saved for Sony's assumedly upcoming PlayStation Meeting, but that is obviously unconfirmed. The positive to take away from all this is that the game is still incoming, most probably for PlayStation 4 but we wouldn't rule out a next-gen launch at this point. It's been long enough now.

Are you hyped for this Batman game? Do you just wish it would be revealed now? Swoop into the comments below.

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