Morbius is supposed to be the second entry in Sony's all-new cinematic universe after 2018's Venom outing, and the debut trailer for the film planned to release this summer dropped earlier today. That's cool and all, but did you spot the Marvel's Spider-Man easter egg hidden away in the footage? Exactly two minutes and four seconds into the trailer, you'll get a glimpse of the friendly neighbourhood super-hero in a pose which may look distinctly familiar.

It's an image of Spider-Man wearing the classic Sam Raimi suit, but what's interesting is that Peter Parker isn't holding a pose sourced from those original three films. The trailer appears to use a modified version of an official Marvel's Spider-Man screenshot, as seen below.

The image has clearly been flipped, but that's the exact same capture, isn't it? To further confirm the easter egg, the vice president and head of creative at Marvel Games Bill Rosemann chimed in on Twitter saying: "Hmm...where have I seen that sweet Spidey suit before...?" Therefore, this is quite clearly a nice little nod to Spider-Man's web-swinging adventures on PlayStation 4.

What did you think of the new Morbius trailer? Did you catch the Spider-Man PS4 easter egg straight away? Swing into the comments below.

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