We'll be honest, we don't know a whole lot about the technical side of televisions. However, we do know that a lot of modern displays aren't built around console gaming. Depending on your TV, you could run into some pretty hefty input lag, imbalanced colours, or other issues while using your PlayStation 4. Sony seems to be on the case, though -- according to TechRadar, the company is building its next wave of TVs with PS5 in mind.

In attempts to make its range of televisions PS5-ready, Sony is going big with resolution and responsiveness to ensure players get the best experience possible. Certain TVs in its 2020 range will offer HDR with up to 8K resolution, 4K at 120 frames per second, and faster response times utilising the latest HDMI input standard.

The Z8H, Sony's new flagship display, will support 8K at 60fps or 4K at 120fps, but it sounds as though other TVs in the range will be capable of similar performance, possibly via software updates later down the line. With sets up to 85 inches and sporting enormous resolution, it seems Sony really wants to make your PS5 games sing -- though we're not sure how much it'll cost you.

With a huge range of displays of differing sizes, resolutions, and tech, we don't envy Sony's job of making sure everyone is catered for. What TV are you currently using to play your PS4? Will you be upgrading to a nicer set before PS5 arrives? Put your thoughts on display in the comments below.

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