There’s a lot of chatter about what the PlayStation 5’s cases will look like. We’ve already done our own set of mock-ups, inspired by the PlayStation 4’s box art. Our theory is that Sony will want something that matches current retail displays but sets it next-gen system apart. Others believe the Japanese giant may opt for something a little different, however.

Take these examples published on ResetEra by Pelochoman:

They’re similar, perhaps, to a more traditional Blu-ray case, with a thick banner at the top including the PS5’s recently revealed logo. There’s also this creation by Chris Metal and salromano, which utilises a black case and incorporates the coloured version of PlayStation's iconic symbol. It brings back memories of the PlayStation 2 to us:

Horizon  PS5 PlayStation 5 Box Art 2

What kind of box art would you like the PS5 adopt? Which direction do you think Sony will eventually go in? Pick a colour scheme and style in the comments section below.

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