Death Stranding PS4 PlayStation 4

Kojima Productions has just pushed out the latest update for Death Stranding. The PlayStation 4 postman simulator has had some decent changes made in various patches, but the latest one gives you the option to remove a particularly repetitive sequence in the game.

Every time you wander into BT territory, the camera zooms in on your Odradek scanner as it swivels into place in slow motion. It's a flashy animation, but after the first few times you see it, you're bound to grow tired of going through it each time. Patch version 1.10 adds an option to the game which allows you to toggle this animation off, which should make your journey a little smoother -- even if you are heading into dangerous territory. The only other patch note simply reads "Various performance improvements", which is always good.

The update is just under a gigabyte in size, so it won't take too long to download. It's available now on PS4, so get it installed so you can continue Sam's journey with less speed bumps.

Are you pleased to have this quality of life change in Death Stranding on PS4? Chuck a hematic grenade into the comments below.