It has been said time and time again that developer Saber Interactive has done a wonderful job of supporting World War Z with tons of free DLC and content ever since its PlayStation 4 release at the start of 2019, and players can look forward to even more if they check out the game today. A new update has added the widely requested Horde Mode Z to the line-up of offerings.

Your skills will be put to the test against increasingly difficult waves of zombies with useful resources scattered across the map being the only way of getting the upper hand on the undead horde. You'll be able to spend earned points on weapons, medkits, and upgrades to your arsenal to better your chances of survival, with extra points to get for completing side objectives in particular waves.

It certainly sounds like the real deal, but there's more. Horde mode comes packaged with an entirely new zombie type named the Bomber. With a bomb strapped to its chest, you'll need to strategically target its limbs before disarming the potential explosion at close range. Paid DLC also offers the most hardcore players four new weapon variants to purchase, but of course, they're completely cosmetic.

What do you make of World War Z's latest DLC drop? Survive the horde in the comments below.