You know us here at Push Square Towers -- we love a good local multiplayer game. The indie space has been great for this over the last few years, from the Jackbox Party Pack series to the likes of Overcooked. It feels like the variety is pretty crazy already, but who could've predicted a co-op game about cardboard boxes? Not us.

Anyway, Pile Up! is a just-announced multiplayer title where up to four people each control a colourful cardboard box. The game gets its name from a mechanic whereby you can stack on top of each other to solve environmental puzzles. It reminds us a bit of Tearaway with its cute papery style, only this time there's lots of opportunities for multiplayer chaos, which is always fun. In addition to the main game, Pile Up will feature some mini-games, such as the football mode seen in the trailer.

Hopefully the game will offer up some clever ways to force players to think outside the box. It's out at some point next year, so we'll see whether it delivers, or if it simply folds in on itself.

What do you think of Pile Up? Will you be playing this cube-heavy multiplayer game on PlayStation 4? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.