Modern Warfare Season One

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's first Battle Pass launched two days ago as part of the big Season One update, but players are quickly discovering a major downside to the new progression model. It's incredibly grindy, to the point where dedicated fans believe it will take roughly 200 hours of play to reach the top rank.

It's something we've experienced ourselves, too. After purchasing the Battle Pass, it took another hour before we even reached the first tier. The game's Reddit community has been digging into the numbers and it looks like progression is based on time played, the challenges you complete, and the XP you gain, but it simply isn't a formula that produces healthy means of ranking up. Some well-known Call of Duty content creators reckon the Spec Ops co-op mode is the best place to rank up, but that's only because its matches last the longest. Others think the XP you earn from kills and challenges doesn't actually affect things at all -- to the point where double XP tokens don't seem to apply to Battle Pass rank ups.

This is a problem the likes of Apex Legends suffered from with its first Battle Pass, but was quickly fixed with the next as challenges mattered far more. Let's hope Infinity Ward manages to address this before Season Two comes around. In the mean time, it looks like we'll need to invest a lot of time into the game if we want to unlock its very best rewards.

Have you bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Battle Pass? Do you think progression is too slow as well? Hope for a rank up in the comments below.