Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4

The first Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is scheduled to drop next week alongside the game's big batch of Season One content, but as is tradition, you'll need to hand over some cash in order to access every reward each tier has to offer. That's according to well-known Call of Duty leaker Senescallo, at least.

Explained in a post on Reddit, they state that the Battle Pass will be made up of 104 tiers, but only 23 of them will hand out their rewards for free. You'll need to purchase the game's premium option to unlock the other 81 items on offer. This is typical of any Battle Pass in today's world, even replicating them to the point where you'll earn 1300 COD points -- the title's premium currency -- if you progress through enough tiers.

Of course, this is by no means confirmation, which is set to arrive along with the content drop on 3rd December, but the leaker then goes on to detail the entire Battle Pass and supplies images of the items you'll earn. For example, reaching the top set of ranks hands out XP tokens, Charms, weapon blueprints, and character skins. We'll finally get to equip a watch by unlocking the very first tier if this leak is to be believed, however. This is all seems to be the real deal from where we're standing.

Will you be buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's premium Battle Pass? Skip a few tiers in the comments below.