Playing games on the PlayStation 4 is not as immediate as it should be, and Sony has made a point of stressing that the PlayStation 5 will function faster than its predecessor. We’ve already seen elements of this: Marvel’s Spider-Man, for example, loads in under one second on the next-gen console, compared to over 15 seconds on the PS4.

It’s something that trusted Kotaku scribe Jason Schreier claims is going to be a hallmark of the new system. “Not coincidentally, ‘play right away, download just what you need, no load times’ will be some of Sony's top selling points for the PS5,” he said in response to a Tweet about Google Stadia’s perks.

Obviously the platform holder has its own streaming solution in PlayStation Now, but it sounds like the organisation is eager to speed up the process of playing games through traditional methods, such as digital download and even off Blu-ray discs. As impatient players, this is music to our ears – after all, who wants to see patches copying for hours on end?