WWE 2K20

The WWE 2K20 saga is probably one of the funniest, but also buggiest, moments of 2019. Releasing in a truly terrible state, it became the butt of all jokes thanks to numerous glitches that spread like wildfire across social media. A couple of patches have tried to remedy the situation, but update 1.03 still appears to be warranted as it attempts to address "numerous significant community reported concerns".

Available for download now on PlayStation 4, the patch contains multiple general fixes alongside tweaks to WWE superstars, the Universe mode, and the MyPlayers creation tools. Online features have been brushed up thanks to fixed to reported crashes, while issues with community creations will hopefully no longer occur.

For a full list of WWE 2K20's 1.03 patch notes, head on over to 2K's official support site. Are you playing WWE 2K20? Has this update helped things at all? Grab the 24/7 belt in the comments below.

[source videogameschronicle.com, via support.2k.com]