Update (22nd October, 2019): We hate to keep piling onto WWE 2K20, but it's out now, and so there's more and more evidence that this game just isn't in a good place. Here's yet another example of this game's exceedingly buggy state:

Update (21st October, 2019): It's WWE 2K20's launch week, and it's becoming increasingly clear that 2K Sports should have probably cancelled this title. New gameplay footage is constantly appearing on Twitter, and if anything the bugs appear to get worse. Here we have a referee completely glitching into Charlotte Flair's PS2-era character model. He looks like he's having far too much fun!


This is bad, folks. Really, really bad.

Update (17th October, 2019): Looks like WWE 2K20 doesn't just look bad: it's also pretty buggy to boot. Footage is popping up all around the web. This particular clip from Reddit shows the referee flatout refusing to count a pinfall. Also note how the wrestler's feet are floating mysteriously above the surface of the mat. Not good!

Here's another example, this time showing Becky Lynch struggling with her belt:


Original Article: 2K Sports’ wrestling games have been at the butt of some bad jokes for a while now, but fans of the “sport” had hoped that long-time developer Yuke’s removal from the franchise would result in some tangible improvements to the series. Wrong. Footage of WWE 2K20 has started to appear online ahead of its release next week, and we can only imagine it’s been helmed by some of Visual Concepts’ interns while the rest of the team focus on NBA 2K20’s casino minigames.

Take a look for yourself:


It doesn’t end there – in fact, if anything, it actually gets worse. The below clip reveals some real PlayStation 2-era animation; they haven’t even been blended properly, so you can literally see the keyframes that have been applied to the character rig. It’s mind-boggling stuff!


To make matters worse, hair physics from previous instalments have been stripped away, resulting in seriously awkward walk-in sequences like the one below. It's not a favourable comparison, is it?

And then you have the character models themselves, which barely resemble their real-world counterparts:

WWE 2K20 Character Models PS4 PLayStation 4 1

The word is that when Visual Concepts took full control of the series, it had to rebuild a bunch of systems and mechanics; the popular Create-a-Championship mode will not be patched in until after release, for example. Frankly, it feels like the series should have taken a year off; wrestling games have been bad for a while, but this is next level terrible from what we’ve seen.

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