PS5 Games Lineup Sony CFO Totoki
Image: Nikkei

Breaking news: Sony thinks its next console will be a success. Speaking during the company's latest financial briefing, recently appointed CFO Hiroki Totoki commented on the PlayStation 5. Naturally, the firm's expecting the next-gen system to be a hit once it launches late next year.

Totoki's juicier comment is about the PS5's software lineup. According to Wall Street Journal writer Takashi Mochizuki, Totoki stated that both Sony's first party studios and third parties are lining up next-gen titles that "will satisfy game fans". Okay, so it's not the biggest scoop, but any talk of PS5 games is enough to stir up some excitement.

Indeed, we can't wait to see what the PS5's launch lineup looks like. It has the potential to be one of the best selections we've seen, with many expecting the likes of The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima to release as cross-gen titles alongside brand new games. Of course, the PS5 is also going to be backwards compatible with PS4 software, which should immediately give the console access to a huge library.

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