PS5 Camera Rumour

Streaming is big business these days, and it's seriously big business for a select few. Sites like Twitch are becoming more and more popular, and like it or not, streamers are now a core pillar of modern gaming culture. It's not really a shock, then, to hear that Sony and Microsoft want in on the market. According to a Gizmodo source, both the PS5 and the next Xbox will have dedicated cameras in an attempt to "lure" streamers to the next-gen consoles.

It's unclear whether the machines will come bundled with said cameras since Gizmodo's source is supposedly basing their report on development kits, but the concept of these consoles having specially designed cameras does make sense when you consider current trends. The source says that Microsoft is making the camera a "priority" for the next Xbox, and although the same isn't said of Sony, it's clear the two industry giants are following the same line of thinking.

Again, it would make sense for both companies to do something like this, but we still can't see professional streamers moving away from their PC setups just because next-gen consoles throw a camera into the deal. Assuming a bundled camera doesn't crank up the price of the PS5, this could be a neat addition, but to be honest, we're more inclined to believe that it would be an optional accessory. As with all of these rumours or leaks, we're just going to have to wait and see what Sony has in store.