PlayStation Now PS Now Sales Subscriber Numbers

Sony's seen a sizeable boost in PlayStation Now subscribers since it overhauled the service last year, allowing for downloads of PlayStation 4 games. Back in May, the company revealed that PS Now had hit 700,000 users, and now, it's smashed through 1 million subs. It's not a huge number when you take total PS4 sales into account -- the console having passed 100 million units -- but it does show promising growth.

It's also worth noting that PS Now's price was slashed at the beginning of October, which no doubt factors into these new figures. We imagine that the service is only going to become more and more popular from here on out, especially since Sony has confirmed that PS Now will be available on PlayStation 5.

PS Now's initially slow start is somewhat reminiscent of the early days of PlayStation Plus, and over time, Sony has been able to turn that service into an absolute juggernaut. It'll be looking to do the same with PS Now over the course of the next generation, and it'll be interesting to see how the service evolves from this point on.

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