The racing genre isn't particularly well represented on PlayStation 4. We reckon Gran Turismo Sport is the best driving game on the console, but even that takes a weird turn with an effort to showcase serious online racing. Inertial Drift, from developer Northern Softworks, is hoping to change all that with a speedy experience that almost seems to forget about the brakes completely.

The studio's first title makes, as you might have guessed, drifting the most important tool in your arsenal in the pursuit for the checkered flag. You'll use the Dualshock 4's two thumbsticks to independently control steering and drifting, which supposedly makes the game accessible to new players while more experienced drivers can explore some amount of depth.

It's coming to PS4 in Spring 2020, shipping with local split-screen multiplayer and various racing modes. Are you interested in taking these wheels for a spin? Drift into the comments below.