The Last of Us Remastered PS4 PlayStation 4 All Optional Conversations Guide

Where are all the optional conversations in The Last of Us? How do you unlock the 'I want to talk about it' Trophy? Throughout the main story in The Last of Us Remastered, there are dozens of conversations that Joel and Ellie can engage in, but they're easy to miss. These chats are optional, so there's every chance you'll miss some of them on your first journey through the game. If you don't get them all, you won't unlock the Trophy. In this guide, we're going to tell you when and where to pick up on all the optional conversations in The Last of Us Remastered.

Please note that there could be possible spoilers below.

The Last of Us Remastered - where to find all optional conversations for 'I want to talk about it' Trophy

Here's where to see all the extra conversations in The Last of Us. We've listed them in order and by chapter.

Chapter 2 - The Quarantine Zone

Conversation #1: The first optional chat can be triggered when you get out onto the street. You'll come across a security checkpoint, but to the right are a couple of people you can talk to.

Conversation #2: After you've gathered your equipment, you'll get back to the surface through a building. Tess will stop just outside the building, and you can start the optional conversation.

Chapter 3 - The Outskirts

Conversation #3: At the very start of the chapter, you can talk to Tess as she's stood by a window.

Conversation #4: When you get to the Downtown area, you'll enter a building. There, you'll find a dead soldier on the ground. You can trigger a conversation here.

Conversation #5:In the top floor of the museum, there will be a batch of Runner enemies. Once you've dealt with them, go and talk to Tess, who will go over and stand by the window.

Conversation #6:The same as above, but with Ellie this time.

Chapter 4 - Bill's Town

Conversation #7: Out on the main street, you should come across a pizza restaurant with an old arcade cabinet inside. Go over to the machine and you should be able to start this conversation with Ellie.

Conversation #8: In the safe house, Bill will tell you to take what you need. Inside the bar is a table with a chess set on it. Go over to it to start this optional chat.

Conversation #9: Later in the chapter you'll come across a house with a swimming pool in the back garden. Inside, you can go upstairs into a child's bedroom. Ellie should follow you into the room and will want to have a word.

Conversation #10: After you've escaped the school, you'll come to a point where you need to push a vehicle out of a garage. Before you do, you can talk to Ellie as she's sat in the driver's seat.

Conversation #11: For this one, you'll need to find an artifact. In the house with the aforementioned garage, look around for the Note from Frank artifact and give it to Bill. This should enable you to trigger this conversation.

Chapter 5 - Pittsburgh

Conversation #12: You'll need to open a garage door with Ellie's help. Once you get through, you should be able to start a chat with her.

Conversation #13: After you pass a bus (which has a comic book inside, by the way), there will be a white car on the right-hand side of the road, and a corpse next to it. You can trigger a conversation with Ellie here.

Conversation #14: After you climb up the bus, there will be an old security checkpoint. To the right, you should find some graffiti on the wall -- this is where to start this optional chat.

Conversation #15: Back out on the road after going through a book shop, you'll be able to find an advertisement featuring a woman in pink along the right-hand side. Talk to Ellie here.

Conversation #16: Once you're in the hotel and on the main floor, head over to the left to find a coffee machine.

Conversation #17: On the third floor of the hotel, explore the rooms until you find a bathroom with two bodies in the tub.

Conversation #18: You'll eventually come to the hotel's ballroom. There's a photo backdrop in here -- go over to it and speak with Ellie.

Conversation #19: When you get to the financial district, you should find a body hanging from a tree. You can talk to Ellie here.

Conversation #20: Later on, after you use the fire escape, you'll be back out on the street. You should come across a sign for a Military Preparatory School.

Conversation #21: A little further along from the above, you should see an advert for a movie called Dawn of the Wolf. This is another optional conversation.

Chapter 6 - The Suburbs

Conversation #22: As you make your way through the suburbs, you'll come across a house where the road bends. It has the message "Will Shoot on Sight" written on the wall. Talk to Ellie here.

Conversation #23: Further along from the above will be an ice cream truck, triggering the next conversation.

Conversation #24: The last house in the area is home to a few collectibles. Explore this house to find everything, and you should come across Ellie and the boy playing darts. Once they're done, have Joel attempt to throw one too.

Chapter 7 - Tommy's Dam

Conversation #25: On your way to Tommy's dam, you'll need to raise a walkway. However, before you carry on too far, you're able to hop down to an area with an old campsite. Over a log you'll be able to see a teddy bear -- start a chat with Ellie here.

Conversation #26: At the dam, Tommy and his wife will greet you. Walk over to the horses and talk to Ellie for the next optional conversation.

Conversation #27: Follow Tommy through the dam and eventually you should see a woman with a sniper rifle. Go over and talk to her.

Chapter 8 - The University

Conversation #28:When you reach the university, you'll find a garage on the right. Pass by this area and look up to the left to see a banner to start this conversation.

Conversation #29: Further into the university, you'll find a large room with a statue in the middle. Go the opposite direction and, before you go inside the dormitory, you'll see a Firefly symbol to the left.

Conversation #30: Eventually you'll reach the science building. There are some Firefly supplies at the bottom of some stairs.

Chapter 9 - Lakeside Resort

Conversation #31: After fighting off waves of enemies around an elevator, you can talk to David about the corpse on the ground.

Chapter 10 - Bus Depot

Conversation #32: At the start, Joel will talk about teaching Ellie guitar. You can talk to Ellie about this further.

Conversation #33: Slightly further down the road, you'll see an advert on the right for an airline. Talk to Ellie again.

Conversation #34: When you make it to the bus depot, Ellie will sit on a bench. Talk to her before you grab the ladder, and then start a conversation while holding it.

Conversation #35: The famous giraffe sequence.

Conversation #36: A little further along, you'll make it onto the roof, where you can start another chat.

Conversation #37: Ellie will give you a photograph if you engage in this final optional conversation.

And that's that. If you manage to find all these optional conversations, you'll earn the silver Trophy 'I want to talk about it'. Have you discovered them all yet? Have a chat in the comments below, and check out our main The Last of Us Remastered guide for more.