What upcoming PSVR games are releasing in 2019? Sony collated a sensational lineup of PlayStation VR software in 2018, with titles like Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Beat Saber being genuine Game of the Year candidates. But with the accessory more affordable than ever and an ever-expanding catalogue of must-play titles, we’ve compiled a list of forthcoming PSVR releases that simply must be on your radar.


From Harmonix comes a new rhythm action game for PSVR. The easiest way to explain it is that it's like Beat Saber but with guns. Wielding dual pistols, you'll need to shoot targets in time with an electro-pop soundtrack, although we're sure there will be more to it than that. Harmonix has been making rhythm games for a long time, so we trust this will be one to watch.

Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts was a big hit with VR owners playing on PC, and it's been confirmed for a 2019 release on PSVR. It's a first person stealth action game in which you must avoid killer robots and escape the confines of your office building. It's an odd premise, but this title is highly acclaimed. We're looking forward to seeing what the fuss is about.

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Concrete Genie

Okay, this is primarily a standard PS4 game, but it's set to feature some pretty robust PSVR modes. In this painterly action adventure, you can pop on your headset and create your very own masterpieces in a virtual space. There's also a mode in which you must guide one of the titular genies through a 3D landscape, painting your way to solving environmental puzzles. It might not be a full-on PSVR game, but what's here sounds pretty good.


It was up in the air for a short time, but Media Molecule recently pledged to support Sony’s virtual reality headset at launch. And what could possibly be more exciting than putting the power of the peripheral in the hands of fans? Titles like Tilt Brush have already proven the potential of VR painting, but Dreams promises to elevate all of those possibilities to a new level.


Not too much is really known about Golem, and yet it solidifies its place on this list thanks to its potential alone. You'll take control of giant stone creatures as you explore the world and do battle in huge sword fights, and with a team at Highwire Games comprised of former Bungie employees at the helm, you could say that this PSVR title is in safe and rocky hands.