PlayStation VR isn’t hurting for good experiences, but it’s time to throw another on the stack. Rhythm kings Harmonix are back with Audica, a VR music experience where you shoot at notes as they fly towards you. While its gameplay may be more comparable to the Persona dancing games, the gameplay loop is every bit as addictive as Beat Saber. However, Audica is a bit more complicated. As such we recommend not skipping the tutorial.

Audica packs in a lot of content with a varied and robust launch tracklist. With 33 tracks -- not counting the four PSVR exclusive songs or bonus unlocks for beating the campaign -- there’s a lot of music to shoot at right out of the gate. And that’s to say nothing of the DLC, of which the first four songs launched alongside the game. No matter the song, the title is unexpectedly tiring. The need to keep your arms pointing outward tires them out more quickly than a game like Beat Saber would, so take care with overplaying.

Though the environments offer intriguing ethereal backdrops to fire from, they're a bit busier than we’d like. Once in a while you’ll lose track of the notes because the environments may briefly draw your attention from the song. In fact, apart from a disorienting moment where the game briefly freezes upon completing every song, this is the game’s only flaw. The difficulty ramps up well, shooting notes is rewarding and satisfying, and you’ll find yourself wanting to go back again and again.