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It was sort of inevitable, but Ubisoft has now confirmed that Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will function exactly like a Game as a Service. It'll have two Battle Passes for each of the three Episodes planned for release over the game's first year of support, Time Savers that will help you get the rewards and materials you want quicker, and everybody's favourite thing, microtransactions.

Confirmed in the developer's deep dive on what's planned for the tactical experience in its first year on the market, it has been revealed that you'll be able to earn Battle Points through the completion of faction missions and Ghost War matches. Rather suspiciously, however, there'll be a cap on the amount of points you can earn on any given day. Instead of progressing through 50 set tiers, you'll be able to rank up and be awarded a random item every time. Should you do that 50 times, you will earn everything that particular act has to offer without the possibility of duplicates.

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Two weeks after the game has released, a Rewards Booster will be made available to speed up the rate at which you earn items contained in the Battle Pass. You'll also be able to purchase bundles of Skell Credits, the standard in-game currency, as well as crafting materials. Finally, microtransactions can be used to buy exclusive cosmetic items, but can also be spent on:

  • Exchanging for more Skell Credits
  • Unlocking weapon blueprints automatically (you can find them in-game for free)
  • Unlocking weapon attachments automatically (you can find them in-game for free)
  • Exclusive customization options
  • Exclusive vehicles
  • Various time savers
  • Rewards Booster

How do you react to this? Are you a little disappointed? Save some cash in the comments below.

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