DriveClub PS4 PlayStation 4

It's fair to say Sony has handled the delisting of DriveClub from the PlayStation Store about as well as the game's servers handled launch day. The platform holder set a date of 31st August 2019 for the removal of the unfortunate racing game from the PS4's digital storefront. However, it was delisted early in several territories, much to the ire of those planning a last minute purchase.

Fast forward to today, and DriveClub is still available to buy on the North American PS Store, nearly a week after the supposed delisting date. If you look for the game, you'll find that it's still up for grabs, including all its expansions and other DLC. It's quite the kick in the teeth to fans in other regions, but we suppose it's good for those in the States who want to grab the title before it's gone.

However you slice it, this seems like bizarrely shoddy work from Sony. It hasn't managed to delist the game at the stated date and time in any territory. It's a messy way for DriveClub to go -- the PS4 exclusive deserved much better.