Xbox's figurehead Phil Spencer is clearly in favour of collaborating with competition rather than keeping them at arm's length, so much so that he wouldn't want to take away anything from Sony or the PlayStation brand in order to better Microsoft's family of consoles.

During an interview with Fortune Magazine, when asked if the consumer reaction to competition affects Microsoft's decisions, Spencer said: "I would say the most competitive side of it - no. I’m always listening to the community, but the people who want to see others fail in order for the green team to succeed - that’s not me. There were people, when the Sony deal was announced, I could see it online, ‘what are you doing helping them out?’"

He then goes on to discuss the platform holder's relationship with Sony, highlighting the fact that PCs shipped by the Japanese giant come pre-loaded with Windows software - it just isn't how the industry works in today's age. This, of course, comes off the back of the two companies announcement of a strategic partnership that will explore cloud and streaming-based solutions.

Following these recent comments from Phil Spencer himself, it's clear that the team in green isn't looking to take away anything from Sony as we head into the next generation - especially so when ridiculous rumours are thrown around of studios that have worked with PlayStation in the past being snapped up by Microsoft.