Concrete Genie PS4 PlayStation 4 HDR 1

Concrete Genie is so gosh darn glitzy that we’ve taken to describing it as HDR: The Game here at Push Square Towers. Consider our surprise, then, when creative director Dom Robilliard informed us during a recent preview event that the title doesn’t even support the nifty new television technology at all. Red faces all around, we assure you!

“Here’s the thing: one of the tricky aspects of being a small team is that you have to really pick your battles, and so when we were embracing the PS4 Pro, we had a certain amount of chips to spend and we were looking at the options in front of us,” he said. “Do we go for the 4K mode or do we go for a true, proper HDR mode?”

Robilliard added that it opted to support 4K first and foremost because the release already pops on modern screens. “One of the things we found with this particular artstyle is that because there’s such high contrast, when you play it on an HDR TV you get a lot of the benefit anyway. So, we decided to go for 4K support.”

Of course, there’s every possibility that Concrete Genie could support HDR in the future, but Robilliard stressed that PixelOpus “can’t commit to it right now”. Is this news disappointing to you? Wave your magic paintbrush and make HDR happen in the comments section below.