World War Z Screenshot Tokyo

After a surprisingly successful launch in April, World War Z has been doing really well for itself in terms of sales and collective mindshare. Now, its first major update has arrived as detailed in the post-launch roadmap, and it's completely free.

Titled 'Undead Sea', the patch adds a new mission to the Tokyo campaign. This will see you "aboard an undead-infested ferry, where you and your squad will battle through open decks and tight cabins in one of the game’s most intense challenges yet." The update also brings with it a new zombie type for all levels - one that spits deadly toxins at players.

Elswhere, private lobbies have been added to allow you to play with friends, user interface updates bring FOV and animation quality sliders to the experience, and weapons have received a series of buffs and nerfs. For the full list of changes, check out the Focus Home Interactive forums.

Are you jumping back into World War Z to check out this new update? Survive the apoloypse in the comments below.