WWZ Screenshot 03

World War Z has proven to be much better than a lot of people expected, and developer Saber Interactive has been quick to capitalise by announcing a roadmap for its first season of post-launch content. It'll be free for all players on PS4, bringing with it a new mission, weapons, difficulty levels, and modes.

At some point this month, a third mission will be added to the Tokyo campaign alongside a new zombie type that will spit a virus at you. It sounds like it's basically the Spitter from Left 4 Dead 2. June will bring with it an extreme difficulty level that will hand out bonus cosmetics and a unique reward upon level completions, while July plays host to a new weekly challenge mode.

As well as all that, further updates will bring private lobbies to the game, a wave-based survival experience, and the ability to switch between classes in PvPvZ matches. New weapons, variants, character skins, and accessories make up the rest of the season one roadmap.

It's a decent list of additions, especially so when you consider that it will all be free. Will you be returning to World War Z for a taste of its new mission, modes, and enemies? Survive the horde in the comments below.

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