World War Z has done far better commercially than anyone originally expected - topping the UK sales chart for the week of its launch and selling over one million copies across all platforms worldwide. It looks like developer Saber Interactive wasn't quite expecting this level of success though, because tracking down a physical copy of the game is a tough task at the time of writing.

In the UK, GAME is currently completely out of stock, while Amazon UK can't promise you'll receive a copy for one to two months. It's a similar story overseas. Best Buy in the US is also sold out, and will also have you waiting up to 60 days for a copy to arrive. A user on ResetEra has also reported of struggles finding a copy absolutely anywhere out in the wild.

Of course, if you're that desperate to play World War Z, the digital version is always an option at its usual recommended retail price of Β£34.99. Are you trying to track down a copy? Deal with the horde you're fighting against for one in the comments below.

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