It's a question that's been thrown around for a while, but after the full unveiling of Marvel's Avengers, there's obviously some renewed interest. Is Insomniac's PlayStation 4 exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man connected to Crystal Dynamics' newly revealed superhero title? Common sense says no, but IGN has found an interesting little through-line between the two games.

In Spider-Man, when you snap the Landmark photo of Avengers Tower, the red and blue hero will comment on the whereabouts of the group of heroes. He offhandedly speculates they're "probably on the west coat right now, probably surfing or something". In the new trailer for Marvel's Avengers, the heroes are celebrating A-Day on... Yep, the west coast. "Hello, San Francisco!" Iron Man exclaims.

So, it turns out Spidey was right. But does this mean the games share a universe? If you ask us, this is unlikely to be anything more than a hint from Insomniac regarding the new game from Square Enix. We're sure the development teams have had conversations, or at least been kept informed by Marvel Games, the company overseeing all of this. The fact Sony has exclusive rights to Spider-Man games means an appearance in Marvel's Avengers is doubtful, although Square Enix has said that PS4 owners can look forward to some exclusive content. Perhaps Insomniac's Spidey will be a PlayStation-only playable character?

Nothing is confirmed here, but it's an interesting Easter egg nonetheless. What do you think? Are the two games connected, or is this simply a throwaway reference? Do you think it could just be a coincidence? Put your analyser hats on in the comments below.