Stormdivers Housemarque

Update (23rd May 2019): Sony XDev Europe, a support team within Worldwide Studios, has added a little fuel to the fire. Retweeting the below post from Shu, it appears to be hinting at something. It's only a couple of emojis, but it could potentially be a teensy bit more evidence to suggest Housemarque is working together with Sony on something. A PS5 launch title, maybe?

Original Story: Housemarque, in case you didn't know, is responsible for some of PlayStation 4's finest arcade games. Resogun was an early success story for the console, and the studio followed it up with games like Alienation, Nex Machina, and Matterfall. They're all high octane score-chasing titles, and they're all great. The Helsinki-based developer has held a good relationship with Sony since the days of Super Stardust HD on PS3, and it seems to be intact. President of Sony's Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, posted a couple of pictures of a recent trip to see the team.

We don't think this necessarily means much, although the platform holder has recently made mention of its intentions to grow its first party studios as we head into PS5. It's interesting to at least plot what Housemarque is up to these days. A while back, it declared arcade games "dead" and pledged a move into more lucrative areas of gaming. This resulted in Stormdivers, a futuristic battle royale multiplayer game that's currently in development for PC. So far the jury is still out on it, as it's still in progress, but it's hardly setting the world alight.

More recently, it announced it's begun work on a triple-A game, but there's been no indication of exactly what that will be. If you wanted to make a link, there's a small possibility that Shu's visit to Housemarque was to see this bigger budget title, but we probably won't know anything concrete for a good while yet.

Do you think Shu visiting the Finnish team means anything? What do you want to see next from Housemarque? Save the last humans in the comments below.