It's been quite a while since we heard anything about Nioh 2. The game was announced last year at E3, but we've seen nothing of it aside from a brief teaser trailer. Back in February, Team Ninja reiterated that the game was still in development, but it's been a return to radio silence ever since.

Things appear to finally be kicking into gear, however, as the sequel's just got a brand new gameplay trailer. This is our first look at the game in action, and it seems frantic, stylish, and suitably brutal. And yes, it looks like you'll be able to transform into a demon. The trailer also shows off a range of characters all with different weapons and fighting styles. Remember, you can make your own hero this time around.

Adding to the sudden hype, Team Ninja has revealed that a closed alpha will be taking place from the 24th May to the 2nd June. According to an accompanying tweet from the developer, only "some" PS4 users will be given access. At the time of writing, we have no idea who's getting in or how. We assume that they're just going to be invited.

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