Oninaki is only a couple of months away from its supposed summer launch, so developer Tokyo RPG Factory has jumped into the deep end with this latest trailer that details combat in a big way. Check it out above.

Footage focuses on a handful of characters, all of which demonstrate the types of flashy moves and stunts they can pull off in the heat of battle. Aisha comes equipped with a typical sword, but what's not so common is her ability to dash behind opponents and land a lethal blow. Wil has a giant axe that wouldn't look out place in any anime, while Izana uses her scythes to perform some impressive aoe attacks. It also looks like dealing damage of any kind builds up a meter in the bottom left corner of the screen - possibly some sort of ultimate ability.

Are you prepared to slice and dice your way to victory in Oninaki? Forget about turn-based battles in the comments below.

[via youtu.be]