Ghost Recon Wildlands 2

After a few weeks of speculation and some weird teasers from Ubisoft (which we won't go into here because frankly they'd take too long to explain), the publisher has confirmed that there will be a Ghost Recon-based announcement later this week. We can only apologise to hopeful Splinter Cell fans who thought that Sam Fisher might have been involved.

Ubisoft's billing the announcement as a "world premiere", and it's happening on the 9th May at 11:30 Pacific/19:30 UK time. Although nothing specific has been said, we're going to go ahead and assume that it's a new Ghost Recon game. Now we just have to wonder whether it's a sequel to Ghost Recon: Wildlands, or whether it's something entirely new.

It's worth noting that Wildlands launched back in March 2017, so the timing seems reasonable if it is indeed getting a sequel. What's more, Wildlands has been a big success for Ubisoft. Despite lukewarm reviews, the open world squad-based stealth-shooter sold incredibly well, and the developer's done a great job of supporting it over the last two years or so.

Oh, and if this does turn out to be a new game, you can bet your house on it also showing up at Ubisoft's E3 press conference next month.