Sucker Punch Ghost Of Tsushima Days Gone Art

Don't you just love this trend of game developers posting cool crossover art to help celebrate the work of their pals? This time, we've got inFAMOUS developer Sucker Punch throwing out a Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone mashup over on Twitter. It shows the former's main character, Jin, standing back to back with the latter's lead, Deacon, as they fend off a horde of freakers.

This kind of camaraderie always seems to go down well. Back in 2017, when Horizon: Zero Dawn launched, The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red posted a similarly heartwarming image, which was followed by Guerrilla Games' own picture a day later. More recently, a number of PlayStation studios offered up some cool art to celebrate the release of Marvel's Spider-Man.

Now, Sucker Punch, about that Ghost of Tsushima release date...