PS5 Price PS5 Games

In case you haven't heard, the PS5 has been revealed. Well, in text form, at least. Wired has published an exclusive article all about Sony's next-gen machine. It includes a load of technical specifications and other drool-inducing details. In short, the PS5 sounds like a monster of a console.

But what about the other important stuff, like the price and the games? Well, as you'd expect, Sony isn't quite ready to talk about any of that just yet. It's highly likely that the PS5 will be fully revealed at a special event, just like the PS4 was. When that event will take place, we don't know, but assuming the PS5 launches next year (Sony has confirmed that it's not coming in 2019), we imagine that it'll either be by the end of 2019, or around the beginning of 2020. We're leaning towards the latter, since Sony will want to keep PS4 sales going strong this holiday season.

With the PS5 supposedly being a technical powerhouse, there's a big question mark over its price, but we're sure Sony won't want a repeat of the PS3's infamous '599 US dollars' scenario. We're just going to have to wait and see what the future holds.