Figment, originally released on PC and Nintendo Switch in June 2018, is making its way to PS4 next month - bringing with it its humorous take on the brain, mind, and subconscious.

From Danish developer Bedtime Digital Games, the title is pitched as an action-adventure featuring a world full of music, humour, and narrative. "In Figment, we wanted to explore the subconscious, or more precisely where dreams are created. First, we asked ourselves “what do people dream of and why?”, but we realized it was more interesting to ask ourselves “where do dreams comes from, and what might that place look like?”. Which meant that the team had to take a deep dive into the mind and find a way to materialize thoughts and life events into real elements."

Our friends over at Nintendo Life liked the game when it came to Switch last year, awarding it a 7/10. "Figment is an attractive, creative puzzler that explores the human mind’s inner demons very nicely indeed. The gameplay is good, if never revolutionary, with just a handful of downers being present in an otherwise solid experience."

Do you plan on exploring the mind next month in Figment? Work on your brain age in the comments below.